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This exterior finish is ideal for window frames, external doors, gates, garden furniture and timber outbuildings. Offering a high level of protection, Intelligent Exterior Eggshell provides a simple, elegant way of using colour to refresh your outdoor space.

Available in all colours
Virtually odourless
Extremely durable, flexible finish
Inhibits mould and algal growth
Weather resistant and completely washable
Suitable for all exterior woodwork
Can also be used on suitably primed metalwork
Self-priming on new and bare wood
Gloss level: Low Sheen (15%)
Coverage: approx 12 square metres per litre
Drying time: touch dry in 2-4 hours, recoat in 16 hours
Available in 2.5 & 1 Litre

Benefits of Exterior Eggshell Paint

Weather Resistant

This water based exterior paint dries with a UV resistant film, that resists cracking, flaking and peeling over time. This microporous film minimises blistering and leaves your paint fully resistant to fungal and algae growth.


Intelligent Exterior Eggshell can be applied onto new timber without the need for priming and onto previously painted surfaces.

Completely Washable

Like all of our Intelligent Paints, this exterior finish is easy to clean, with excellent water resistance.

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